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Benefits of sensory dough

Sensory dough provides support and skill development for a wide variety of ages and needs. Check out these articles that describe the benefits of sensory dough for children, the elderly, and those with special needs (plus some extra tips and activities):

For children:

"Sensory play is play involving the use of one or more of a child's senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell but can also include motion and balance). Children discover and make sense of their world through their senses and this gets developed over time. Sensory play helps support so many skills: cognitive development, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, language acquisition, forming neural pathways by making connections, enhancing imagination and providing the opportunity for creativity and problem solving." -Lucy White (@flisatfun)

 For Autism and sensory disorders:

For seniors with Alzheimers:

 For all: