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Mocha sensory dough
Mocha sensory dough

Mocha sensory dough

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Soft, supple, handmade with care. Made with natural ingredients and scented with vanilla oil, chocolate, and coffee grounds.


Mocha sensory dough color: brown (with real coffee grounds- adds extra texture to this dough)

Each sensory dough comes packaged in a glass jar with a metal or plastic lid for sturdy and eco-friendly storage.

Sensory dough comes in 3 sizes: personal (2 oz.), play (12 oz.), and group (32 oz.)
The personal size holds the perfect amount for one child’s imaginative play, or as a travel size option.

The play size is larger and is great for those that want enough dough to sink two hands into and really get to work! This size could easily be shared by 2-3 children. 

The group size is perfect if you are looking to provide dough for a group or classroom setting. The group size dough will come in a sturdy, clear plastic container and is designed to provide a group of 4-8 children with enough dough for imaginative play.

*each batch of sensory dough is made fresh, and color may vary slightly from photos*

Ingredients: flour, salt, cream of tartar, water coconut oil, gel food coloring, vanilla oil, chocolate, coffee grounds